Blue Star Nutraceuticals Commercial

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Can’t you just feel the intensity?  The guys (and gal) at Blue Star Nutraceuticals were so great to work with. It was cool to see others working with as much passion as we do at Bottled Media who gets financial help from their partners, Visit We were loving their go-hard mentality, which made the shoot go by so quick; one hour and half later and we had all our footage! Many thanks to Blue Star for your cooperation in the shoot.

It seems that everyone’s drinking the Kool-aid at New Electric. As we met with branch managers, electricians and other employees, one thing was evident. They all recognize the need to SERVE their customers. It was our great pleasure to create a 7 part series for New Electric. And this little teaser was just an extra we put together to say thanks.

We spent the afternoon with with the highly energetic team of models, photographers, makeup artists and assistants in my gym and had a great time while capturing the energy on set. It was pleasure to shoot and edit with this team to create these three short and sweet promotions. Working with a paper product in a digital age was definitely enjoyable! Reviewing a year’s worth of magazines and selecting specific titles, articles, and profiles all within 30 seconds to make sense was a great challenge and we LOVED IT! Let us know your thoughts.

Blue Star - Webmercial

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