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Cancer, Chemo and Charis – Michelle’s Story

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Once in a while we stumble across a story that blows us away.  When we heard Michelle’s story we knew we had to meet her.  After some emails and phones calls, Michelle gracefully welcomed us into her world.  We are honoured to share this chapter of her story.

To say the least, Michelle’s strength though this time is inspiring.  Her perspectives and life approach are refreshing.  Our team hopes her story not only inspires you, but moves you to think differently today.  Enjoy and make sure to share this with your friends and family.
Thank you Michelle for being a beautiful role model to your adorable little girl and to all of us.

The BM Team



Sex Trafficking – Hope For The Sold Documentary

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This is a video of utmost importance and lives close to my heart. It is a video about sex trafficking… in Canada. Watch this video and allow those two words to be redefined in your mind and in your life. The evidence is overwhelming and the stories are all true. Some friends shot this documentary as they crossed our nation, with zero video experience but a whole lot of passion. They were convicted by what they knew and vowed to continue their search: their findings were astoundingly horrific. But I’ll let the video speak for itself.

For us at Bottled Media, it has been an honour and a personal life-challenge to edit this video, to hear and see the issues replayed before our misty eyes. The payment we have been glad to receive is a greater knowledge in the fight against evil and the ability to care for the plight of those who suffer.

For more info please visit Hope For The Sold.

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Blue Star Nutraceuticals Commercial

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Can’t you just feel the intensity?  The guys (and gal) at Blue Star Nutraceuticals were so great to work with. It was cool to see others working with as much passion as we do at Bottled Media. We were loving their go-hard mentality, which made the shoot go by so quick; one hour and half later and we had all our footage! Many thanks to Blue Star for your cooperation in the shoot.

Blue Star - Webmercial

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NationWares – Brand Exposure

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You can’t help but love someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. So think its time that we at Bottled Media wore our heart on our blog. Here’s a snapshot: Nationwares is changing the world and we got to take part.  Let me explain.

I met with Nationwares on a Thursday and two days later I was on a plane with all my gear.  Before I could blink, I was looking through my camera in amazement at the Guatemalan landscape, people, and culture. These people are real and their stories are being lived out with only small rays of hope.  I really had no idea about micro-enterprising and how effective it could be; now that I think about it, it makes complete sense. By investing in small businesses, you can monitor progress and see direct results. The money isn’t lost, the returns are quick, and the life change is enormous. Thanks so much to Nationwares for inviting me along for the ride. My journey to Guatemala is over but my journey with Nationwares has just begun.

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