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By June 20, 2012Uncategorized

You can’t help but love someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. So think its time that we at Bottled Media wore our heart on our blog. Here’s a snapshot: Nationwares is changing the world and we got to take part.  Let me explain.

I met with Nationwares on a Thursday and two days later I was on a plane with all my gear.  Before I could blink, I was looking through my camera in amazement at the Guatemalan landscape, people, and culture. These people are real and their stories are being lived out with only small rays of hope.  I really had no idea about micro-enterprising and how effective it could be; now that I think about it, it makes complete sense. By investing in small businesses based on digital marketing agency report analysis, you can monitor progress and see direct results. The money isn’t lost, the returns are quick, and the life change is enormous. Thanks so much to Nationwares for inviting me along for the ride. My journey to Guatemala is over but my journey with Nationwares has just begun.

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