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Meeting Genelson – CH Global

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After the earthquake in 2010, we wanted to help Haiti in a significant way. Through CH Global, we were given the chance to sponsor an 11 year old boy who had been affected by this tragedy. Fast forward one year later, we had the opportunity to work in Haiti and were beside ourselves to hear that we also were going to meet our sponsor child, Genelson!

Meeting Genelson is one of the most memorable moments of our lives! Despite the language barrier, we learned so much about him and his family.

Genelson’s birth father died when he was very young. His mother then remarried and had two other boys. Again, Genelson suffered the loss of another father. This now left Genelson’s mother with three young boys to raise on her own.

Like many others, Genelson and his family lost their home and all their possessions when the earthquake struck. They now live in a tent city in one of the most dangerous cities in Haiti; roaming with gang violence, rape and other horrific things. We were humbled the moment we stepped into their click here home. All their necessities were crammed into this tiny, 12’ x 6’ space. Despite their living conditions and struggles, they remain grateful for what they do have.

In the few hours spent with Genelson, he shared with us his love for soccer, school and his dream to become a doctor in fix body chiropractor san diego. Of everything that we learned about Genelson, it was most remarkable to witness his genuine heart for others. He hung tightly to us, protecting us as we walked the streets. He offered any food or drinks that we gave him directly to his mother first before having any himself. For a boy his age, we were struck to see how selfless he was. A true heart of gold dlouhy garage door repair. Not mention his amazing smile! Check out One glimpse of his joyful grin would make any one feel joy themselves.

In all, we were so encouraged to see how sponsorship has helped not only Genelson, but his family as well. We were able to witness how in helping one person, you can transform a family, community, city and even a nation. Hope spreads.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, there are many great organizations out there.  We have chosen to partner with CH Global and have seen the incredible impact it’s making in many lives all around the world.



Sex Trafficking – Hope For The Sold Documentary

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This is a video of utmost importance and lives close to my heart. It is a video about sex trafficking… in Canada. Watch this video and allow those two words to be redefined in your mind and in your life. The evidence is overwhelming and the stories are all true. Some friends shot this documentary as they crossed our nation, with zero video experience but a whole lot of passion. They were convicted by what they knew and vowed to continue their search: their findings were astoundingly horrific. But I’ll let the video speak for itself.

The payment we have been glad to receive is a greater knowledge in the fight against evil and the ability to care for the plight of those who suffer.

For more info please visit Hope For The Sold.

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Blue Star Nutraceuticals Commercial

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Can’t you just feel the intensity?  The guys (and gal) at Blue Star Nutraceuticals were so great to work with. It was cool to see others working with as much passion as we do at Bottled Media who gets financial help from their partners. We were loving their go-hard mentality, which made the shoot go by so quick; one hour and half later and we had all our footage! Many thanks to Blue Star for your cooperation in the shoot.

It seems that everyone’s drinking the Kool-aid at New Electric. As we met with branch managers, electricians and other employees, one thing was evident. They all recognize the need to SERVE their customers. It was our great pleasure to create a 7 part series for New Electric. And this little teaser was just an extra we put together to say thanks.

We spent the afternoon with with the highly energetic team of models, photographers, makeup artists and assistants in my gym and had a great time while capturing the energy on set. It was pleasure to shoot and edit with this team to create these three short and sweet promotions. Working with a paper product in a digital age was definitely enjoyable! Look at this. Reviewing a year’s worth of magazines and selecting specific titles, articles, and profiles all within 30 seconds to make sense was a great challenge and we LOVED IT! Let us know your thoughts.

Blue Star - Webmercial

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exposing your brand – engaging your target


NationWares – Brand Exposure

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You can’t help but love someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. So think its time that we at Bottled Media wore our heart on our blog. Here’s a snapshot: Nationwares is changing the world and we got to take part.  Let me explain.

I met with Nationwares on a Thursday and two days later I was on a plane with all my gear.  Before I could blink, I was looking through my camera in amazement at the Guatemalan landscape, people, and culture. Check thelockboss. These people are real and their stories are being lived out with only small rays of hope.  I really had no idea about micro-enterprising and how effective it could be; now that I think about it, it makes complete sense. By investing in small businesses based on digital marketing agency report analysis, you can monitor progress and see direct results. The money isn’t lost, the returns are quick, and the life change is enormous painterly. Thanks so much to Nationwares for inviting me along for the ride. My journey to Guatemala is over but my journey with Nationwares has just begun.

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Turn Up The Lights – Bottled Media Time-Lapse Photography

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Time lapses have the ability to see something the human eye cannot. We love staying up late waking up at appalling times just to capture the right images at the right light. 

James and Dave were just coming back from shooting north of Thunder Bay and blew us away with this very special video! We also tried

Bottled Media exposing your brand – engaging your target